UPDATE! On the Run: The Ballad of Paddy Mitchell

May 14, 2007

You can now listen to ON THE RUN: THE BALLAD OF PADDY MITCHELL on David Britten’s website. The CD is comprised of 14 songs, and David has made Paddy’s song available online to everybody. (Thank you David!)

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  1. I just bought and listened to the CD by David Britten. The song “On the Run” is excellent. Anyone who knew Paddy or of his life will certainly enjoy this song. What a beautiful tribute to Paddy.

  2. I heard the song for the first time and it’s the best tribute to hounour such a great man.

  3. Hi my name is Colleen Robertson i lived on Somerset ,st west, Paddy live over the train tracks on Preston st my parents still live there i meet Paddy Mitchell when he when he droved the coke truck i was a kid i still think the world of him, i went out with his nef when i was young i want to order the cd , on the run the ballad of Paddy Mitchell lol i remember when he robed the gold heisted at the airport they used a garbage truck he was such a nices guy you would meet he used to hung with the Post boys also in Ottawa if you need any info let me know i will give you my # Thank you for making a Cd him his name

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