This Bank Robber's Life an autobiography penned by Paddy Mitchell

We’re back!

Hello Everyone! The first printing of my father’s autobiography, This Bank Robber’s Life: The Life and Fast Times of Patrick “Paddy” Mitchell sold out fast. People keep asking for it, and demand is growing as a result of buzz about the making of a major motion picture about Paddy and the Stopwatch Gang. For these reasons, it gives me great pleasure to announce a second … Continue reading We’re back!

Pink Flamingos

By Jeffrey S. Bell (Note: Jeffrey Bell was a good friend of Paddy’s  and a fellow writer at Butner Medical Center. Paddy particularly liked this story.) Stephen Ryder was trekking through time.   His mode of transmigration wasn’t a DeLorean or an H.G. Wells style time sled, but a red Porsche convertible.  And his time portal happened to be the Pennsylvania Turnpike.   As he sped west … Continue reading Pink Flamingos

Announcement: A song for Paddy

We would like to bring your attention to an absolutely beautiful song entitled “On the Run,” which has just been released and is dedicated to Patrick Mitchell. The song was written by Ottawa musician David Britten. The CD, which also includes 13 other songs,  is being sold for $15.00 U.S. or $15.00 Cdn.   (Postage and mailing included in the price). To order, please contact: … Continue reading Announcement: A song for Paddy

Noble Vigilance

 by Jeffrey S. Bell If we remain present in our experience, we’ll discover teachings all around us. I’m an inmate volunteer in the hospice program at a federal medical center. Our mission is to provide comfort and aid to the terminally ill patients incarcerated here. My most recent patient, Paddy, suffered from lung and brain cancer. Paddy was a very gracious man who though terminally … Continue reading Noble Vigilance