4 thoughts on “Coming soon from a prison near you

  1. Hello everyone !!! And welcome to Paddys new Blog .
    Let me tell you that Paddy is thrilled to have this up and running !!! I spoke to him a few days ago and he sounded good. He is going through another of chemotherapy , and it slows him down abit .
    For everyone who knows Paddy , you know he’s a fighter and is determined to win this battle.
    In case you do not know of the situation going on with Paddy , he is battling lung , chest and brain cancer . We are in the process of trying to get him transferred back to Canada on the Prisoner Exchange Program , to serve out his sentence in a Canadian Prison ( preferably Kingston ) so that he can at least recieve support and visits from friends and family. We need and appreciate all the support.
    I would like to thank Susan for developing this Blog and to Lynda for all her efforts throughout the years on the website and this blog . Without these two wonderful woman , this site would never exist !!
    As Paddy would say …. May God Bless “

  2. Well Paddy the people who set up your new blog did a fantastic job. Hope your health is improving. A lot of people up here are sure working hard to try to get you back to Canada. Wishing you and all your family including Kevin and his family a nice and happy Christmas season and a Happy Newyear.

    Your Friend
    Mike Cain & Family

  3. I am so proud you were born and raised in downtown Ottawa. I grew up in Sandy Hill in the 70s and 80s and a lot of my boyhood friends from Lowertown, Vanier, and the Chinatown/Little Italy area were very accomplished small-time teefs and dealers. Some of them are still playing the game and doing fairly well. What is it about Ottawa that makes it such a breeding ground for highly talented scoundrels? Good luck with the chemo!

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