Breakfast, chemo, Muslims & banks

It’s Sunday morning. I’ve been up since 7:00, have been to breakfast – consisting of a bowl of bran flakes, a whole wheat bagel, cream cheese and jelly, crushed pineapple, coffee and milk – came back to my room, made a cup of coffee and listened to a one hour segment of National Public Radio news. The story I’m most interested in is the Pope’s up-coming visit to Turkey. I’m worried that those crazy Muslims might try to assasinate him for telling the truth.

I’m not prejudiced about Muslims, I have good friends who happen to be Muslims. But I tell it as it is: most of the violence in the world today is perpetrated by them; you can’t believe a word they say, everything they say is a lie; they live like animals. But don’t get me started on that subject!

Anyhow, did I mention I smuggled two bagels, two cream cheeses and a bag of pineapple out of the chow hall? Sometimes I get caught, so I put on the “poor old 64 year old man with cancer, just trying to keep my weight up” – which doesn’t work with some of the meaner cops, but works with some. The truth is chemotherapy give me an appetite that I have trouble controlling: the opposite to how most people react to the drug.

The good news is today the temperatures will climb into the mid-70s and nary a cloud will appear overhead. This is winter in North Carolina! I spent a winter here in the early 90s, casing banks, and just my luck got hit with a nor’easter that was labeled “The Storm of the Century.” I’m here to tell you it was all that and a bag of chips. I’ll tell you about it, and maybe about the bank I knocked off, tomorrow.

I don’t know how appropriate it is for me to be writing about my bank robberies on this site. But if I don’t write about those then I’ll have very little to say – robbing banks is what I did!

Paddy (november 26/06)

2 thoughts on “Breakfast, chemo, Muslims & banks

  1. Paddy, wow, kind of hard to believe im writing to one of, if not the best bank robber of all time, moving on I just finished reading the book: The Stopwatch Gang by Greg Weston, one hell of a book, quite the story. Hope to see a blog on some more of the robberies.

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