Cancer, screenplay, Reid and Wright

I didn’t start this website because I thought people liked me, but to sell my books. I know exactly who I am and what I’ve done with my life, and I’m not proud of the things I’ve done.   But suddenly I’ve been overwhelmed by the response from old friends, new friends and people just interested in buying a book and wanting to comment on it.

As you know, I’m in the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina.  It’s a very nice place with all the amenities of a regular hospital:  good medical staff, all the very latest medical equipment, nice accommodations, good food, and except for a few inmates and one or two staff members – nice people around us.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a relapse and the cancer I thought was in remission isn’t.  I have had to go through three, 31/2 hour chemotherapy sessions in these past three weeks.  They are not so hard on me, so far.  I haven’t gone through what I’ve seen others go through: nausea, hair loss…the only side effect it’s had on me is that it zaps my energy and stops me from getting a good night’s sleep.

I have a great little screenplay I wrote – just before I broke down – making the rounds with a few movie producers.  I’m hopeful that something will come of it.  Remember the name “Out of Nowhere”.   Its based on a true story.  It’s a love story – that’s never consummated between a 17 year old girl and a 40ish male.  (Now, don’t get upset!).  I can’t explain it all here, suffice to say, it won’t offend anyone if it gets made.

Stephen Reid is still incarcerated at William’s Head Island in British Columbia.  He and I stay in touch.  He’s a good friend!  (Although we’ve had our differences over the years).  He and his wife, Susan Musgrove, have held together under some difficult circumstances.  Their daughter, Sophie, is 17 or 18 years old – a highly intelligent girl and quite independent.

Lionel Wright, the third member of our “gang” doesn’t communicate with Stephen and I; can’t say as I blame him.  He could be dead for all we know, because he has not kept in touch with anyone from the “old days”.  Lionel was arrested 26 years ago “today” in Sedona, Arizona, by the F.B.I. on a “tip” from someone he and Stephen Reid thought was a friend.  I won’t go into all that, it is in my book.

Just a note:   I see the first couple of emails from September 16th – 06, have messed up my reply.  “Rick and Jack Gills – he trained horses for me”.   I don’t know what that’s about;  I’m sure I wrote more than that.


LISA HILL:   Okay, now I remember Rod.  Yes, he’s a very nice fellow.  And yes, of course, Kevin Moyer is a fine fine man.  Pass on a message for me that Mike Hyde arrived here about a week ago with a growth (tumor) in his throat.  He came from Colorado.  Doesn’t look good!  He’s very thin.  And he tells me that Tom Eastland, out of Texas (coach on the ball team and spent his time mostly in hobbycraft, making pottery) is on his way here as well – with pancreatic cancer.

JENNIFER CONNOLLY:   Thanks for the woohoo!

RICHARD PAQUETTE:   Thanks for replying.  “Tony Lupiano” that’s his name.  I couldn’t remember it.  He was a good guy.   Sorry to hear he’s deceased.  Have I already mentioned that I used your first name, “Richard” a couple of times when I was creating new (false) I.D.:  Richard Joseph Landry out of New Orleans and Richard Jordan Baird out of Orlando.  And, I named my son in the Philippines, Richard Michael Weber.  I always liked the name.  Did I get that right?  Peter Byers died in the ‘70’s?   Sounds like you’ve been having a good life.  And yes, I often wonder ‘what if’ had I not decided to be a crook; what else I could have done with my life.  Stay in touch, Richard!

JULIE HARTLEY:   You are my favorite gal!  Wow!  You are working hard for me and I sure do appreciate it.  God Bless you.  I have a good feeling about all of this.  Maybe this time.  Say hi to your Mom for me.

DEBBIE (MABALLEY):   What a nice letter you wrote, thank you.  Sorry to hear about your brother, 26 years old, what a tragedy.  We have dozens of guys here in their 20’s suffering from this terrible disease and it kills about half of them.  Happy to hear that you enjoyed my book.  I spent many a day on a beach reading a good book.  I’ve always loved to read.  God Bless you, Debbie.

CAROLE CHITOURAS:   Thanks for all you’re trying to do for me, Carole.   Proceed!   You mention 3 names that I’m trying to put a face to.  Jerry Bertrand, of course, I knew quite well.  He lived on Primrose St. about 10 houses from where I lived around the corner on Preston St.  He and I saw each other often and hung around together back in the ‘50’s  (Yes, that is:  the 1950’s).  If he’d been six feet tall and 200 pounds he could have been a top notch athlete.  He was a great hockey player – too small for the NHL though.  I knew a Carole Laflamme (I’ll take that back)  I knew a girl we used to call “Butch” who, if I remember correctly, was named Carole.   Would that be the same lady?  She’d be in her early 60’s now.  She’d still be a young chick.  Nice to hear from you, Carole.

STEPHAN:   Like father, like son!  Thank you for the “integrity” mention towards my son, Kevin.  You didn’t mention exactly what he did but you did say it had to do with you receiving my book, and your comment; “You’re in good hands here, and I hope everyone picks up a copy and reads this book.”  I have to assume that something went wrong with your order.  Happy to hear it’s been straightened out.  We’ve been selling the book for almost two years, and we haven’t had one unhappy buyer.  Everyone who has ordered it, received it!

KEVIN CLIFTON:   Always happy to hear from an old neighbor from Courtney Rd. in Hazeldean.  Yes, my son, Kevin, is a great guy – thank you for commenting on that.  You and he played together as kids – in a beautiful environment.  Too bad I couldn’t have lived all these wasted years, right there.  I’m still trying to figure it all out.  Would you pass a message on to your dad and tell him not to lose heart in me (writing him letters).  I enjoy his correspondence.  But I haven’t been able to write properly in freehand.   You should see the mess of these before they are typed up!  Thanks Kevin.  Say hi to Brian for me.

5 thoughts on “Cancer, screenplay, Reid and Wright

  1. Hi everyone, it’s Stephan from Paddy’s replies above.

    If anyone is curious about the details of my story, and why I said the things I did about Kevin, here they are:
    I had placed an order for the book, and after a few weeks, it didn’t come. I had tried to contact Kevin a few times, but for some reason out of his or my control, he wasn’t receiving my e-mails. I finally made contact with Kevin using the GUESTBOOK section of the site. It had now been about a month since I had paid for the book. What follows is simply something you don’t see anymore in our World.
    Kevin PERSONALLY delivered an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the book to my home (about a half hour drive away from where he is) ! He did so for two reasons, to make sure I wouldn’t go another day without the book I paid for, and to PERSONALLY appologise for the mistake made! THAT is what I mean by integrity. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home at the time, but I got a phone call that afternoon from my Mother saying that “a very friendly and very handsome man had just delivered a book for me”.
    Kevin even e-mailed me later to make sure I got the book and everything was fine. I was so impressed with this kind gesture, annd like I mentioned above, you just don’t see things like this anymore. Kevin is an incredibly honest and caring person, and I stand by my statements. You’re in GREAT hands here, and after finishing the book, I can say for certain that EVERYONE should pick up a copy, and I will be reading it again a few times more in my lifetime. Thanks to both Kevin & Paddy. Best wishes to both of you this Holiday Season !

  2. Hi Stephan ,
    Thank you so much for the kind words, I wish I had met you when I delivered the book , you sound like a very nice person . Hopefully we can meet someday soon .
    Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you the best in the upcoming new year .
    I am glad you enjoyed my dads book , he does have a great story to tell . Wait until his new book comes out ” The Great Plane Robbery ” !! Its a Great read !!! Hopefully it will be picked up soon and published sometime this coming year !!
    Take Care & may God Bless !!……Kevin

  3. HI, from the blue eyed cowboy and his wife,(kelly) please give our heartfelt salutations to our good friend stephen, we are so sorry it has taken so long to contact him, please ask him to write us back. we’re no longer in the
    charlette’s we’re now in ontario has he talked to the old man with the cane? Let us know how you’re doing, we have alot to catch up on, take care.

  4. I had the honor & privelege of meeting Stephen Reid in person today. Truly a humbling experience. We had a brief chat over a cup of coffee. Throughout the 70’s, as a child, i heard about the happenings and such. Now, in my middle age i got ( what i consider to be a once in a lifetime experience) to meet the man. There is a lot i could say, but i do not see why….i am blessed. Today is a day i will never forget.

  5. Hey Kevin, I had no idea that he was that well known when you told me about him in Costa Rica,Wow.
    Take care and if you recieve this touch base.

    Cheers Patrick

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