How lucky am I?

The last time I wrote, I promised to tell you about how I believe I won a 26 million dollar lottery in Texas.  It’s a long story that needs to be cut down.  In late November or early December 1993, I was driving through Central Texas, heading to El Paso, where I intended to drive across the border into Juarez, Mexico, park my car at the long term parking at the airport, fly to Mexico City, then catch the once-weekly flight by Japan Airlines to Tokyo, stay the night, and then fly on to Manila the next morning.

I stopped to fill my car with gas at one of those “Quick Stops”, and bought 10 lottery tickets to boot.  Then I drove to El Paso and never looked at the lottery tickets again.  I might have thrown them away or may have brought them to the Philippines.

Things did not go good for me when I got home in Baguio City.  The F.B.I. were waiting for me there.  I got to spend six weeks with my wife and son before I was tipped off to their presence.  So I fled back to El Paso using the same method of travel.  (This way I didn’t have to present my passport at a U.S. port of entry).

When I arrived back in El Paso in mid-January, I decided to stay a couple of days in order to catch my breath, it had been a harrowing trip.  The first thing I did was purchase a newspaper; a caption in that newspaper immediately caught my eye.  (I can’t recall the exact wording).  It read:  26 Million Dollar Lottery Prize Goes Unclaimed.  I read the article and it went on to say that the ticket was purchased at a Stop and Go (or some kind of Quick Stop) just outside Midland, Texas, one of ten tickets purchased by the same individual on the exact date that I purchased mine.

There was nothing I could do.  I looked in the clothes I brought back.  I checked through my car…  I couldn’t contact my wife because the F.B.I. were all around my house…

Now, I don’t know to this day whether it was one of those tickets that won the 26 million dollars.  I still don’t know if the money was ever claimed.  I believe, the winner had about ten days left to claim the prize.  I left El Paso a few days later, never finding out if it was claimed.

I would sure appreciate it if someone that’s reading this would use their search engine to find out if that prize was claimed, and let me know.  It’s been more than 12 years and I think about it often.  I purchased the ticket in late November or early December, 1993.  Would someone please check for me!


P.S.  I had the computer select the 10 ticket numbers for me.

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