My take on the middle east

(written December 18, 2006)

It’s a Monday, 8:30 a.m. and I’m kicked back on my bunk listening to National Public radio (N.P.R.). All the big headline stories seem to come from the Middle East. In Baghdad earlier today a powerful car bomb killed seventy (injured 200) innocent, non-combatants waiting in an area where people gather hoping to find a day’s work in order to feed themselves and their families. Can you imagine what kind of people would perpetrate such an evil act? They’d have to have been sent there from hell.

The second story is out of Afghanistan. The resurgence of the Taliban and their newly acquired technology; roadside bombs; killing Nato and U.N. troops – the very people who are trying to bring stability to a lawless country by restoring infrastructure, digging wells, feeding and clothing its populace…the proverbial ‘biting the hand that feeds them’, eh!

Iran is holding a conference to prove that the Holocaust never happened in Nazi Germany. They say that six million Jews weren’t killed during those years. Okay, we’ll grant them that, but give us your figure: what – 4.5 million? 3 million? How about 700,000… One murder is one too many! Now the Iranians are building a nuclear weapon – what do you suppose they want to do with it? Make no mistake, they have screws loose in their heads (from the President on down). They need to be stopped, now!

And yet another story coming out of the same area: three young children being transported to school were set upon by gunmen and pumped full of 80 bullets – they were aged 3, 6 and 8. The terrorist opposition in Gaza (Hamas) deny any knowledge of it. Sure! They were the children of the Military leader from Fatah.

Hezbalah (a terrorist organization) is out on the streets in Beirut, Lebanon, trying to muscle the democratically elected government into granting them more power.

Then there was this ‘minor’ item on the same newscast: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates want to (jointly) develop nuclear power plants – why? Scary stuff !

If the United States wasn’t bogged down in Iraq, they’d quel any talk of building nuclear plants.

It was all for the invasion of Iraq, for the purpose of killing Saddam and his two sons and bringing down that evil regime. The U.S. troops did a marvelous job of defeating the Iraqi military – but then they turned nice guys and nice guys finish last in that part of the world. When they discovered Saddam in his “Spider Hole”, they should have thrown in a couple of grenades and saved all the craziness that’s going on now. With him dead and the two sons eliminated, the U.S. should have supported the Shiites, the long depressed enemies of the Sunnis and let those two fight it out for supremacy and the Kurds, who never could be defeated, remain neutral.



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