Christmas package from the Bureau of Prisons

[Note: Paddy’s posts are not always in chronological order, as he sends his handwritten blog posts to Ottawa to be posted on the blog for him – they don’t always arrive in order.]

It is Friday 9:00 a.m., December 23rd, and I’m up and about.   My cellmate just made his first cup of cappuccino (4 heaping tablespoons of cappuccino mix and one heaping tablespoon of Folgers coffee in a 16 oz. cup ) and I made my second cup of coffee (1 heaping teaspoon of coffee with a little skim milk).  My cup has about 30 calories in it as opposed to his at about 500 calories…. 

Yesterday was a good day for us:   We received our annual Christmas package from the Bureau of Prisons (B.O.P.)  The packages here consist of mostly junk food and were smaller than the ones in past years in Maximum Security Prisons.  Then, later in the day, we were called down to the chow hall where we were given a pint of egg nog and a package of cookies.   Nothing special, but a nice gesture.   And most of us were appreciative.   Of course, we had some complainers.   And last night we were treated to a “play” presented by the Mental Health Unit and entertainment by a couple of soloists singing Christmas carols.   All in all a nice day! 

I spoke to my son, Kevin, the night before last and he tells me he and his two sons (Joey, 15  and Jacob 13) are going to drive down to visit me over the holidays.  What a treat that will be for me.  It will only be the 2nd time I’ve seen my grandchildren.   The first time being about 9 months ago when they came to visit me in a hospital in Pennsylvania just hours before I went into surgery for removal of a cancerous brain tumor.   I think my son and grandchildren were under the impression it would be the last they’d see of me! 

So, anyhow, I’ll write again and let you know how the ‘holidays’ went here; how they fed us, and how they treated us. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all (once again)   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!

One thought on “Christmas package from the Bureau of Prisons

  1. It was a damned shame they weren’t thoughtful enough to allow him to return to Canada to be with family in his last days. Visitation would have been easier and his surroundings would have been more relaxed.
    Authorities are simply mindless in their blind quest for the impossible “re-habilitation” of prisoners.
    Paddy will be free of all the nonsense now, and plan a return from the spirit world to show us all how easy the computer banks really are!! ha!
    God Bless, Paddy,……Jack

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