Paddy’s Memorial Service and Reception

We’ll be posting some photos here over the next few days, but in the meantime, here are a couple of stories from the media:

Final goodbye to notorious bank robber (Ottawa Sun, 26/01/07)

Leader of Stopwatch Gang remembered at wake (CBC, 26/01/07)

Paddy Mitchell’s wake brings out working class Ottawa (Canoe, 25/01/07)

6 thoughts on “Paddy’s Memorial Service and Reception

  1. I probably speak for many people when I say how much Patty’s website and blog mean. There is comfort in knowing how much pleasure it brought to Patty in this last years and, in reading all the comments and stories shared by Patty and his loved ones and friends

    A very special thanks to the webmaster and all others involved with the design and maintenance of this site, from printing and mailing to Patty to posting information and updates – well done.

  2. Ron Corbett’s article in the Citizen is the article to read if you want to know what the memorial and reception was really like. Finally, a decent story, with some sensitivity. Kevin did a beautiful job, honouring his dad. The whole family is proud of him.

  3. Thanks for the tip on Ron Corbett’s article Dawn, if anyone else is looking for it – the article is titled
    ‘A different era’ ends with Paddy

  4. Thanks Christina!

    Ron Corbett’s article is unfortunately available on the web to Citizen subscribers only. I sent an email to Ron yesterday asking for an electronic copy and permission to post the full text here. I’m waiting to hear back from him.

    I found a place to LISTEN to the article, but it’s a bit tricky.

    1) Go here:
    2) In the upper left-hand corner, you’ll see today’s date – click on it and use the drop-down calendar to select Friday January 26.
    3) Click on Interactive Radio (it’s to the left of the big picture of the front page)
    4) Select F3 from the table of contents on the right
    5) Select ‘A different era ends with Paddy’

    Good luck!


  5. I would like to thank everyone for there kindness. It is really incredible the amount of people paying there respects for Paddy .He would be proud, very proud to know that people out there admire him for the man he was. I would like to respond to everyone that , called, emailed , or left messages in this Blog by saying ” Thank-You , and God Bless you all ”
    It was great to see the turnout for paddy service and reception , I know he was looking down smiling at us all. It was nice to meet and talk to so many people , and hear some of the ” Stories ” !!
    We will continue with this Blog in honor of Paddy , there are still many stories to be added . I just recieved a short story from Jeffry Bell ,Paddys close friend from Butner Medical Centre, He also Wrote a story that is in this blog called Moondance . It is titled ” The Real Thing : Paddy Mitchell ” its a great story about Paddy , Hopefully we will get it posted here soon . Again Thank you all for being such good friends !!!
    Kevin & Joey & Jake Mitchell

  6. Thank you Jeffrey Bell for your great articles regarding Paddy and his last days. I’m sure everyone who has wondered whether Paddy suffered or died peacefully will be greatly relieved to read your article. I hope you continue to write and share your stories of Paddy with the rest of his friends. You are truly a great friend to him in death as you were in life.

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