Writers in prison

Another morning, another urge to write.    You’ll never know (unless you’re a writer) how good the feeling is; because so many mornings I just don’t feel like writing.  If it lasts any more than a couple or three days, we call it “writer’s block”, every writer’s worst enemy.This is Sunday morning – 9:00.    I’m propped up on my bed, scribbler on my knees and have … Continue reading Writers in prison

A day in the life

Do you want to hear how my days go by in this place? How my time is spent? Okay, I’ll give you a detailed description: The cell doors of the whole institution are opened by 6:00 a.m. and immediately the P.A. system starts making announcements. There’s no letup all day: dozens of announcements for visits, hundreds for patients to report for bloodwork at the lab, … Continue reading A day in the life

My take on the middle east

(written December 18, 2006) It’s a Monday, 8:30 a.m. and I’m kicked back on my bunk listening to National Public radio (N.P.R.). All the big headline stories seem to come from the Middle East. In Baghdad earlier today a powerful car bomb killed seventy (injured 200) innocent, non-combatants waiting in an area where people gather hoping to find a day’s work in order to feed … Continue reading My take on the middle east

Reflecting on how I’ve spent my life

Hello Folks!  I received a letter from an old friend the other day.  She and I have known each other since the 50’s.  She usually writes a couple of times a year – long, long letters, and I usually reply with equally long, long letters.  I was surprised when she answered my latest letter in very short order – three weeks instead of three or … Continue reading Reflecting on how I’ve spent my life