Sad news from Kevin Mitchell

January 14, 2007  Dearest friends and loved ones of Patrick “Paddy” Mitchell,  It is the saddest news that I bring you now but I need to tell you that my father, Patrick Mitchell, passed away this morning in the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina.   This brings the end to North America’s most famous, most successful, and especially most likeable bank robber of our … Continue reading Sad news from Kevin Mitchell

Christmas package from the Bureau of Prisons

[Note: Paddy’s posts are not always in chronological order, as he sends his handwritten blog posts to Ottawa to be posted on the blog for him – they don’t always arrive in order.] It is Friday 9:00 a.m., December 23rd, and I’m up and about.   My cellmate just made his first cup of cappuccino (4 heaping tablespoons of cappuccino mix and one heaping tablespoon of Folgers coffee in … Continue reading Christmas package from the Bureau of Prisons


 It wasn’t a good time to be a stranger in Houston, Texas, that day I arrived in late December, 1987.   There was a serial rapist on the loose (a really sick puppy!), and he had the whole city on edge.  His M.O. was making appointments with female rental agents (on the pretense of wanting to rent an apartment), and once alone in the apartment she’d … Continue reading EXCERPT FROM PADDY’S BOOK (WHICH HE ORIGINALLY EDITED OUT)

Top Twelve Tips for Getting Along in Prison

1) Don’t be too friendly too fast. Inmates are always suspicious of new guys. The Feds are well known for their deviousness and although the guy arriving is in fact a convicted criminal, the Feds may have made a deal to cut his incarceration time for some information from a target within the prison. 2) Don’t just walk up to a table in the chow … Continue reading Top Twelve Tips for Getting Along in Prison

Paddy’s responses to comments

MIKE CAIN: You are my first commenter on this blog. Thank you. I can’t think of a better person to do me the honour. Thank you for the Christmas and New Year’s greetings – I send them to you and your family as well. FRAN TREMBLAY: Thank you for your prayers. Yes, it is not much fun being so far away from home and loved ones … Continue reading Paddy’s responses to comments

When Van Sings ‘Moondance’

(A SHORT STORY BY PADDY’S FRIEND AND FELLOW INMATE, JEFFREY S. BELL) WHEN VAN SINGS ‘MOONDANCE’  You play ‘what if’ quite a bit when you come to prison.  What if I wouldn’t have done that?  What if I would’ve done this?  What if I wouldn’t have been the final cut from the eighth grade basketball team?  Would things have turned out different?  Would I have a better … Continue reading When Van Sings ‘Moondance’

Writers in prison

Another morning, another urge to write.    You’ll never know (unless you’re a writer) how good the feeling is; because so many mornings I just don’t feel like writing.  If it lasts any more than a couple or three days, we call it “writer’s block”, every writer’s worst enemy.This is Sunday morning – 9:00.    I’m propped up on my bed, scribbler on my knees and have … Continue reading Writers in prison