Pink Flamingos

By Jeffrey S. Bell

(Note: Jeffrey Bell was a good friend of Paddy’s  and a fellow writer at Butner Medical Center. Paddy particularly liked this story.)

Stephen Ryder was trekking through time.   His mode of transmigration wasn’t a DeLorean or an H.G. Wells style time sled, but a red Porsche convertible.  And his time portal happened to be the Pennsylvania Turnpike.   As he sped west through the humid summer night – the top down, Dark Side of the Moon cranked up over the rushing air – he traveled back into his life.

Stephen’s time trek began when his sister called to tell him of his father’s death.   Though his father hadn’t been ill, the call wasn’t a surprise, he had lived far longer – being a heavy smoker and drinker – than any of them ever expected. 



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