This Bank Robber's Life an autobiography penned by Paddy Mitchell

We’re back!

Hello Everyone!

The first printing of my father’s autobiography, This Bank Robber’s Life: The Life and Fast Times of Patrick “Paddy” Mitchell sold out fast. People keep asking for it, and demand is growing as a result of buzz about the making of a major motion picture about Paddy and the Stopwatch Gang. For these reasons, it gives me great pleasure to announce a second printing of the book, as well as the  first release of an e-book version of it.

Join Paddy on his journey from a regular blue collar family man, as he rises through the ranks of America’s Most Wanted fugitives. From a million dollar gold heist, to dozens of meticulously planned and hugely successful bank robberies, to several daring prison escapes, Paddy was the leader and mastermind of the notorious Stopwatch Gang.  They stole millions of dollars without ever firing a shot, and lived like rock stars. They even earned the grudging respect of journalists and law enforcement officers throughout North America.

Paddy always said, “There have been many stories told and written, but nobody’s got the story right yet.” This Bank Robber’s Life is Paddy’s version of this incredible story. It’ll have you laughing, crying and always on the edge of your seat.  Enjoy the ride!

Before Paddy passed away in 2007, he also penned a novel entitled The Great Plane Robbery.
Was it truth or was it fiction? All Paddy would say was “It was in my sights.”

Both This Bank Robber’s Life and The Great Plane Robbery are available in paperback, as well as  e-books.

As an added bonus, the first 50 book orders coming from me will include a personal hand-written note from Paddy with his highly sought-after thumb-print.   While incarcerated in the notorious Leavenworth Penitentiary, Paddy wrote over 200 personal notes on stickers, with his thumb-print, that he wanted to add to each and every book that would be sold (just as a personal touch). I still have some of these personal notes which I will include in each book until I run out.  Definitely a collector’s item!

So, order the book(s) today, and enjoy the incredible tales of a road less travelled – you won’t be disappointed!

Kevin Mitchell

6 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Hi Kevin,

    My condolences, truly. I’m sorry I’m late with them.
    I did not know your father, but my stepdad did. He’s basically my dad to be honest, it’s such a silly distinction.

    Today I was sitting at the granite island in my parent’s house, waiting for some burgers I had made to pan-fry and get perfect.
    My stepfather, Al, came inside from working on one or another of his motorized projects outside.
    Something on the TV that I was streaming, some sort of crime fiction show, reminded him of his acquaintance (or maybe even friend, I didn’t want to push him to define it) Paddy Mitchell.
    I asked a question here and there, but as always, my stepfather’s stories come pouring out…given the correct questions 🙂 It’s taken a while to know what to ask to get a good story, truth be told.

    He never worked closely with your father but had shared a beer quite often with him….before, after, etc….while doing stopwatch things.
    My stepfather also said that many years after your dad had been put on the most wanted list, that while going for dinner with his wife at the time, he had ran into your father.

    I asked my stepdad what had happened- – he said he was walking into a restaurant with his then-wife —my stepdad pulled the door open for his wife —at the same time, your dad was walking out of the very same restaurant. This was after my stepdad hadn’t seen him for years and had certainly caught more than a couple whiffs of other situations where your dad was wanted and craftily, was gone with the wind.

    Anyway, according to my stepdad, they met eyes, and in that moment had a brief hello (minus words of course).

    My stepdad never said a word. His wife a (literally) a few words, on the way from dinner, according to my stepfather:
    “Was that who I think it was,” she asked,
    “Well who did you think it was?” He replied, question in turn,
    “You know who I thought it was,” she said to him.

    “It was who you thought it was,” he said back to her.

    This is just one of many stories I’ve heard.

    There are so many wild ones, maybe you can relate?

    I’m not trying to come out of the woodwork and capitalize monetarily….but upon typing that, you know what? I AM trying to capitalize in terms of the plump, wild, beckoning story my stepdad just told me.
    These kinds of stories just don’t happen anymore. This kind of thing is the Neverland.
    It’s the clouds in the sky.
    It’s the promise behind gambling,
    it’s the hope behind sunday mass.
    It’s something that while not satisfactorily tangible, is indeed worth sinking your incisors into…

    I’m not trying to sell you anything. Promise. PROMISE.

    But — What would you think about meeting up with myself and my stepdad to discuss things you and he may have heard —those wild stories that will never be recreated unless we take action- those wild stories that could be lost forever without your help, without anyone documenting anything?
    And yes… I know there have been books. Gorgeous books. What truly perplexes me is how this hasn’t been turned into a ‘based on a true story’ movie yet. But that’s not, i promise it is not, my focus….

    Meeting with my stepdad, to go over the stories he has (with hopefully the stories you have, or maybe we could even bring others from that time/group) would be amazing. My stepdad has gone his life being a guy who didn’t tell stories about things like this… but i think enough time has passed now that’s he’s opening up.

    It would just for a coffee or two, promise.

    After all this….

    What are the chances that you even still look at this email address,

    what are the chances my writing would ever be good enough to convey how magical these two hours of my day were today just listening to my stepdad regale me with one sole story of your dad,

    what are the chances you’d reply favourably?

    Guess it’s just a wait-and-see, stopwatch kinda game.

    Fingers crossed,

    Trisha Thompson

  2. Hi. I met Mr. Mitchell while visiting my husband ( now my ex ) at MCC San Diego. He would call and ask me to go to the law library and send him copies of case law that he couldn’t get. I was 24 at the time and had no idea what case law was but I learned my way around the library. I used to make signs out of 4×8 sheets of plywood saying Happy Birthday or things like Happy Easter and stand across from MCC holding them up for my ex and him to see. The building had 24 stories looking across the bay but since they were on lower floors they could read them. They enjoyed it so I kept doing it and no one bothered me. I actually spent a couple of weeks in MCC so I know what the view looked like. I remember watching OJ Simpson run with the Olympic torch across the Balboa bridge. We had good seats. Mr. Mitchell was later transferred to Florence, Arizona. My ex was moved to the Federal prison in Stafford, Arizona and I moved to Stafford myself. Mr. Mitchell called me one day and asked how I was doing. I told him I was a little low on food and he asked me to tell him what I had in my cabinets. I told him and he said he wanted to send me $1,000.00. I told him I could not accept it because I knew where the money had come from. He said he understood. I later received a letter from him wherein he asked me to tell my husband he was going with plan B. I had no idea what he was talking about. My ex was 20 years older than me and about the same age as Mr. Mitchell. They collectively kept me in the dark. About two weeks later his picture and two other men were on the front page of the newspaper with an article saying they had escaped.
    Since this is probably not a safe site I will exclude some details but although I knew what he did for a living he was kind to me.
    I had always planned on getting back in touch with him but I waited too late.
    I always wondered about the stories he told my ex while in prison and I now see they were true. I also don’t see other things I was told had happened during his lifetime.
    I just remember him as good looking man who chose a wild life but he finally met a lady he loved and had a son that I assume is you Kevin. I would like to read his book so please get back to me.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    It’s been years since I left Stittsville. Hope you’re well. I Remember you and Kirk; as well as the rest of the gang in the neighbourhood.

    While I followed you father’s history and remember one of his visits, I believe he brought a Shetland pony for a birthday celebration. I think you grandmother wasn’t too impressed but the rest of us in the neighbourhood were.

    Sorry for you loss. Not sure if Kirk is still about as I live most my life in Northern Canada NWT & Yukon, then five years in Germany. I’m now in Sudbury some times make my way back to Ottawa and Stittsville. Maybe we can grab a coffee next time I’m down or if you make this way.



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