This Bank Robber's Life an autobiography penned by Paddy Mitchell

We’re back!

Hello Everyone!

The first printing of my father’s autobiography, This Bank Robber’s Life: The Life and Fast Times of Patrick “Paddy” Mitchell sold out fast. People keep asking for it, and demand is growing as a result of buzz about the making of a major motion picture about Paddy and the Stopwatch Gang. For these reasons, it gives me great pleasure to announce a second printing of the book, as well as the  first release of an e-book version of it.

Join Paddy on his journey from a regular blue collar family man, as he rises through the ranks of America’s Most Wanted fugitives. From a million dollar gold heist, to dozens of meticulously planned and hugely successful bank robberies, to several daring prison escapes, Paddy was the leader and mastermind of the notorious Stopwatch Gang.  They stole millions of dollars without ever firing a shot, and lived like rock stars. They even earned the grudging respect of journalists and law enforcement officers throughout North America.

Paddy always said, “There have been many stories told and written, but nobody’s got the story right yet.” This Bank Robber’s Life is Paddy’s version of this incredible story. It’ll have you laughing, crying and always on the edge of your seat.  Enjoy the ride!

Before Paddy passed away in 2007, he also penned a novel entitled The Great Plane Robbery.
Was it truth or was it fiction? All Paddy would say was “It was in my sights.”

Both This Bank Robber’s Life and The Great Plane Robbery are available in paperback, as well as  e-books.

As an added bonus, the first 50 book orders coming from me will include a personal hand-written note from Paddy with his highly sought-after thumb-print.   While incarcerated in the notorious Leavenworth Penitentiary, Paddy wrote over 200 personal notes on stickers, with his thumb-print, that he wanted to add to each and every book that would be sold (just as a personal touch). I still have some of these personal notes which I will include in each book until I run out.  Definitely a collector’s item!

So, order the book(s) today, and enjoy the incredible tales of a road less travelled – you won’t be disappointed!

Kevin Mitchell


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