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UPDATE (September, 2015): The first printing of This Bank Robber’s Life: The Life and Fast Times of Patrick “Paddy” Mitchell, sold out a few years ago. Due to continuing demand, we’ve re-printed it. The book is now available in softcover and as an e-book from Amazon and other retailers and other sellers (see below). Paddy’s novel, The Great Plane Robbery, is also available as an e-book through these retailers.

Printed copies of both books can also be purchased from Paddy’s son, Kevin Mitchell. For a limited time (while supplies last) they will come with a hand-written personal note from Paddy, complete with his infamous and collectible thumbprint. Contact Kevin directly at kevinmitchell at xplornet dot com (Kevin Mitchell) to buy one or both books, or order them from any of these retailers.

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Upon my arrest in 1994, I was sentenced to a nonsensically long prison sentence, one for which I’d need another life to complete. I needed something to do that would keep my brain stimulated, and to keep me from going stir-crazy. So I’ve tried my hand at writing. I’m not now (and probably never will be) a great writer. But I have this marvelous story to tell, I’m a pretty good raconteur, and, I hope, an adequate enough writer.

So many portions of my life have been reported by others: in two full-length books, numerous newspaper and magazine articles, on several TV programs, and in a Hollywood movie. None of those got the story quite the way I remember it, which is why I wrote my autobiography, This Bank Robber’s Life.

The Life and Fast Times of Patrick “Paddy” Mitchell
by Patrick Mitchell
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This Bank Robber’s Life, by Paddy Mitchell


Everything you are about to read is true–to the best of my recollection. To protect myself (and others) from further investigations and possible criminal charges, I’ve changed some names and locations where events took place.Be forewarned, this book is not a literary masterpiece. I do not profess to be a writer. It’s written in simple terms; no ten dollar words, no fancy prose or metaphor, and certainly, no poetry. But I can assure you, if you read on, you’ll find it one hell of a tale.I began scribbling my life story more than twenty-five years ago (1976), in a prison cell at Millhaven Penitentiary, in Ontario, Canada. I was thirty-four years old, serving a twenty-year prison sentence (figuring my life was pretty much over) and thought I’d better get busy and write my memoirs. Three years and almost six hundred pages of scribbling later, I found a need to destroy all that I had written.

In 1984, this time locked up in an Arizona prison cell, I began to scratch out another manuscript. A couple of years later, a need arose to destroy those several hundred pages as well.

Not being the kind of guy who gives up easily, I took up the task a third time in 1989 while on a beautiful mountaintop location on an island in a far off archipelago. Eventually, a need arose for me to destroy several hundred more pages.

Still, I was not deterred. As fate would have it, I found myself in yet another prison cell in 1994, this time at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia, with pencil in hand, scratching away. And, once again, it was all to no avail.

Now, I’m incarcerated at the Federal Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. The year is 2001, and I don’t foresee any cause arising for me having to destroy this one final attempt to write my life’s story.

I wish this were about some heroic deed that I had performed, or some great, lifesaving medical procedure that I’d discovered, but it’s not. Neither is it a book about braggadocio. It’s about a life that was lived much differently than most; one, I believe, should be recorded for posterity. Now where to begin?

26 thoughts on “About my books

    1. Hello Mr.Mitchell,
      I am a possible relative to Paddy. Could you please tell me the name of his parents (Your Grandparents). I presume to be, if what my mother told me is correct, his second cousin and related by blood. If you could do this it would mean a lot to me.

  1. Mr.Mitchell,

    A book by you would definately be , a book worth reading. You would have an understanding about people and how to manage yourself with people that would be interesting to read. Though things have changed technologicallly, do you keep tabs on what is out there and how to get around some of the new obstacles.
    D.B.Cooper,I’m a fan of. Paddy Mitchell has put himself in that same category.

  2. I had just watched dog day afternoon and looked it up on google…..There were tons of pages dedicated to a one time bank robber, I look up Paddy Mitchell and only get a few of his obits and of his blog. I’m kinda disappointed as Paddy was one of north america’s most notorious bank robbers and got such little fanfare for his efforts. Having read his book, a movie (or two) should be made of his exploits.
    I could only dream of living half of his life….As I read the book, I leaned over to my wife and said,”I could rob a bank now” as Paddy was so explicit with his descriptions of the steps needed to do so. I hope that Paddy will not be forgotten as he was truly a genius as a bank robber and was caught as a result of a ‘freak accident’ whereas the police happened to be investigating an alltogether different occurence.
    God Bless Paddy, God Bless

  3. dad i know your up there.everyone here in the philippines miss you so much wish i had the chance to hug you and say i love you before you passed away.i love you so much dad you were the best father a young boy could have now im all grown up i still believe your still the best and would have been the best if you were only given the time to be.hope you could see me right now and be proud of me i know your guarding and watching me from above.i love you so much ill take good care of mom.love richard weber

    1. Hi Richard,
      I was locked up with Paddy for a few months in MCC San Diego, we became good friends and shared many stories in that time. In fact I’m the one who talked him into coming to Asia as I had been living between Thailand and Bali for 12 years from 70-82.
      When I got out I came back to Asia and again live in Bali.
      Would like to talk or possibly meet sometime. Do you have Skype? My email is warren@seasidebali.com. Hope to hear from you. Regards, Warren

  4. well speaking of paddy my dad worked with him at
    pure spring just as all this started wow small world ottawa ,,

    anyways my dad knew alot of this man they worked together at pure spring i even got a story of my own on the ottawa airport heist imagine that and im 26 yrs old
    funny thing is now my dads in jail as well
    seems weird anyways ppl arent all bad i guess and i say a man should not always be remembered for the worse thing hes ever done


  5. My mom Ada was a friend of the Stop watch Gang. You were adnired by her , many chats at home with Paddys cousin Maureen Gomer, moms life long friend. God bless you both in heaven Paddy. Hope your chatting with my Ma. a real iron woman and mother of ten . I had lunch with Stephen and met Lionel at our home Christmas eve many years ago.
    Son Rick

  6. Anyone knows where I can get a copie of Paddy’s book I have special interest since the stop watch gang where old friends of my uncle.

  7. I was in a clinic’s waiting room yesterday waiting for the docs to call my name. During the long wait I spoke to a man who claimed he was working on a documentary movie with Paramount about Paddy Mitchell and The Stopwatch gang. Weather this is true or not, I think this is a great idea. I have heard of Paddy Mitchell through my parents who grew up around preston/mechanicsville in the same era as Paddy. I can’t believe he got so many years in prison. He didn’t hurt anyone, he just did what allot of us want to do but don’t have the balls to do it. Since talking with this man yesterday I have been curios and wanted to know more about Paddy Mitchell and the Stopwatch gang. I am definately buy his book, I love the introduction to it and how it’s written. It is a book to be read and passed on.

    Kevin, your dad sounded like a great dad. It’s too bad you didn’t get to spend more time with him.


  8. Dear Kevin,

    I am trying to track down the film/TV rights to your Paddy Mitchell’s book, THIS BANK ROBBER’S LIFE. Is there an agent or manager who handles the film/TV rights on behalf of his estate? If so, would you be so kind as to forward me their contact information?

    We have a database for film/TV rights to books, and one of our clients was interested in THIS BANK ROBBER’S LIFE. I can be reached at eparker@rightscenter.com, or by phone at (803) 396-5683.

    Thank you and best wishes,

  9. Iam a good friend of paddy.Who I met in United State Penitentiary at Leavenworth Kansas.I would read the pages as he would type them of his book.what a life.He’s in a better place now.and Ill never forget his friendship.May you rest in peace brother..

  10. hi i am from calgary,i am trying to find a copy of the book this bank robbbers life.i have tries all the numbers on this website,no luck. can anybody tell me where i can find one.

  11. I’m Jeffrey Bell, Paddy’s friend from Butner. I haven’t talked to Linda in quite awhile. I hope you all are well. There’s not a day that goes by without me thinking of Paddy – something will happen or be said that reminds me of him. If Linda reads this please e-mail me at jsbell888@gmail.com Hope to hear from you.

  12. Where can i get a copy of this book? I searched online but I can’t find one.

    I am very interested to have a copy of this.

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