About my blog

My name is Paddy Mitchell, I’m from Ottawa, Canada, and I’m currently serving a very long sentence in an American penitentiary for bank robbery. 

In 2006 I was diagnosed with lung cancer, which has spread to my brain. I’m now undergoing treatment. I’m also trying to get transferred to a Canadian penitentiary under the Federal Prisoner Exchange Treaty.

I don’t have email or internet access in prison, so I’m using this technology with the help of others. I write the blog entries by hand and snail-mail them to Susan  and Lynda in Canada, who enter them onto the blog for me. They print your comments and snail-mail them to me. It’s a low-tech high-tech thing.

This blog replaces the Guestbook and Paddy’s Replies on my website: www.paddymitchell.com. But I’ll leave those archived on the site for sentimental and historical reasons, since there are hundreds of entries there. 

I love reading and responding to comments and questions, so please don’t be shy about leaving comments on the blog. You can also write to me at:

Patrick Mitchell
 02727-108,  4-B UNIT
 Federal Medical Center
  p.o. box 1600
  Butner , NC.  27509

God Bless,


42 thoughts on “About my blog

  1. Thinking of you Pat. I hope this message finds you feeling better and wishing you only the best in your treatments. I hope that your transfer back to Canada happens soon so that those that love and care for you can more readily visit. Glad to hear you had a good visit with Kevin and your grandchildren. Take care. God Bless.

    LOL Anne Marie

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you are back taking treatments. I’ll keep you in my prayers. I know that Christmas can’t be very happy for you seeing you are so far away from your family and that you are ill, but just know that you have a lot of people praying for you. Take care.

  3. My deepest sympathies to the Mitchell family. My family has known you for many years, I’ve only heard all the great things about you. Please rest in Peace Paddy. You are now free at last.

  4. My condoleces to the family of Paddy Mitchell.
    I was born and grew up on Preston street (little Italy). I was best friends with Graham Mitchell and the Macrillos. Graham died tragically in the 1990s.
    When Graham and I were kids he always talked about his uncle and father. In fact I met his father when he was living in the Bell Street apts. He and graham’s mom were not together anymore.

    Anyway My heart felt condolences to the family. I know how many tragedies you have been through.

    I will always keep Graham in my heart he was afterall a wonderful boy from Preston Street Ottawa.

  5. My sincere condolences to the family. I went to primary school with Paddy and the rest of the clan at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. I remember the story about the money disappearing from a collection that was made at the school for Chinese children. This story was told the other day on CBC radio by one of Paddy’s close friends. Our family the Kearney’s: my brothers, Michael, Terrence and Jack and Patrick lived at 177 and 191 Rochester so our paths crossed a lot in those days in the neighbourhood.
    I regret that I did not take the time to send him a note while he was living.
    For now, I am remembering him to St. Joseph, the patron saint of Our Lady’s. I am sure that he will be meeting up with some of our teachers. Sister Mary Jean,Sister Alfred to name just a couple.
    May God bless!

  6. My sincerest sympathies to the Mitchell family. Although I knew of Paddy Mitchell, I did not know him personally. I am aquainted with Pinky Mitchell of Blue Sea Lake, our paths have occasionaly crossed over the years up at the lake, and in fact he was at our dock briefly this summer, when he kindly drove David Kieran around the lake for his last visit to Blue Sea.
    Thinking of you all in your time of loss.
    Paddy is free at last.

    1. Hello Linda – were you and pinky associated or new any of the croteaus, I saw a pic with Pinky and my aunt Sylvia. Would like to know if Pinky would talk with me regarding my dad also in the air force and boxing. Thank you Cher.

  7. We were vey saddened to hear that Paddy had passed away.
    we never knew him personally but have known his son for over 20 years and heard many,many stories about his gentle ways and love of life
    it’s a shame that such a loving and gentle man has passed away at such a young age but who knows perhaps he’s in sitting on a beach in heaven finally free of pain and chatting with his brother and Mom.
    Shirley and Ron

  8. Pinky,please pass on my deepest condolences to your
    family for the loss of your kid brother Paddy.
    Heaven was always a great place but Paddy now has made it even better.
    See you at the next Village re-union.

    Jim Hill

  9. My wife, Susan, and I are sad to hear about Paddy’s death in North Carolina. We have read stories by Paddy
    about his life in the Ottawa Citizen. He had a very big heart. What about Paddy’s family, Imelda and Richard, in
    the Philippines. Are they coming to Ottawa on January 25
    for the memorial? Our condolences.

    R.W. Vice

  10. my deepest coldences …… he will be sadley missed in Ottawa…..as he leaves behind many firends and family members…..He was a kind man and i will miss him ……. youor firend MBT

  11. so so sorry to hear that he did Pinky. Yes this is Gayle’s Grandson. Sorry to hear about your brother and i send my condolensis. Just hope you are doing well and miss you. Talk with you soon Love always Pinky & family Love Kyler Hinks

  12. thank you for all your prayers.to those people who knew my dad for a long time thank you for being there for him at the happiest and lonliest times of his life on earth I hope to hear more from you comments its so heart filling.God bless you all and i hope you would still support my dads books.im richard weber from the philippines the second family of gary weber or known as patrick mitchell.thank you so much.

  13. I knew Patty from 1956 – I stood up for him at his first wedding – I lived in Eastview at the time. I’ve thought about him often and fondly through the years and I was saddened profoundly by the news of his passing.My condolences to those that shared LOVE with him. Sincerely,

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  20. hi my name is gurinder iam from calgary canada.i have been trying to find the book this bank robbbers life by paddy mitchell.i have called all the bookstores listed in the website.can somebody tell me where i can find one.if u have one ican buy it used as well.my email is gurindersandhu62@yahoo.com

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  22. Hello Pinky. I must send my condelences regarding Patty, I am currently on the hunt for 2 of his books. Can not find them in any bookstores. I am also curious as to know if you Pinky know of my grandfather Fred Bedard or my father Bruce Robert Croteau or Robert Bruce Croteau. He was in the air force and the boxing ring around the same time as yourself. You can reach me 7055922456 or at cherbaby89@yahoo,com/ Thank you
    Cher S.

  23. hello,

    My name is Jake Litva (formerly Jan). I attended a welding course with you, Mike Neill, Frank MailLoux and Pancho Deriger. looking to reconnect and see what happened the last 30 years.


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