Writers in prison

Another morning, another urge to write.    You’ll never know (unless you’re a writer) how good the feeling is; because so many mornings I just don’t feel like writing.  If it lasts any more than a couple or three days, we call it “writer’s block”, every writer’s worst enemy.This is Sunday morning – 9:00.    I’m propped up on my bed, scribbler on my knees and have … Continue reading Writers in prison

A day in the life

Do you want to hear how my days go by in this place? How my time is spent? Okay, I’ll give you a detailed description: The cell doors of the whole institution are opened by 6:00 a.m. and immediately the P.A. system starts making announcements. There’s no letup all day: dozens of announcements for visits, hundreds for patients to report for bloodwork at the lab, … Continue reading A day in the life

Breakfast, chemo, Muslims & banks

It’s Sunday morning. I’ve been up since 7:00, have been to breakfast – consisting of a bowl of bran flakes, a whole wheat bagel, cream cheese and jelly, crushed pineapple, coffee and milk – came back to my room, made a cup of coffee and listened to a one hour segment of National Public Radio news. The story I’m most interested in is the Pope’s … Continue reading Breakfast, chemo, Muslims & banks