Paddy Mitchell’s Last Words

As you probably know by now, Paddy Mitchell passed away at a high security medical facility in Butner, North Carolina on January 14th, 2007. In the two weeks leading up to his death, he continued to hand-write entries for his blog and mail them to Ottawa to be typed and posted on his blog.

These last seven entries will be posted here over the next five days leading up to his memorial service on January 25th, in a blog series entitled “Paddy Mitchell’s Last Words.” Check back daily for Paddy’s final words to the world.

 In the days following the service, we’ll post some photographs and coverage of the service and reception. There will be a live mike at the reception at the Prescott Hotel for people to share their memories of this remarkable man and his legendary life. We’ll try to capture some of those memories and post them here for those of you who are unable to attend.

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